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New patients are asked to download 2 forms:

    1     Case history
    2     Terms of acceptance

How to download the forms

Case History
This form prompts you to remember your health history. The more accurately you can provide
me with information, the greater the depth of my understanding of the forces acting on you
health. This makes it easier for me to focus on the main concerns you have and also to be
aware of other influences on those concerns.

Terms of Acceptance
This document enables you to be on the same page as me as far as your care is concerned.
It forms part of your consent to care while being informed. You are encouraged to browse the
whole of this web site for information regarding the type of chiropractic care being offered.
It contains a lot of practical information as the site is primarily intended to be a patient resource

For information regarding risks see Practical aims, Risks to chiropractic care.

Please read the "Terms of Acceptance" document and only if you understand and are
happy to accept care under the terms written on the document, only then sign

If you have any questions/concerns, before signing, please feel free to send me an e-mail at: or phone me at the appropriate practice.

Remember to bring the completed Case History form and the Terms of Acceptance
form to your first appointment.

For more information

It is important that you know not only what it is that I do but also why. That way you will know

where I would like to end up with you, your spinal injuries and your health and the BIG PICTURE

health perspective that chiropractic has to offer. One of Chiropractic's biggest problems has

been that it is really quite good at alleviating pain.




To find out what Chiropractic is about, you will want to know the Secret of how it works.



References to the BIG PICTURE

Health - Naturally
Mornington & Beechworth, Victoria, Australia


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