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How to download forms


Both of these documents are easily downloaded. Click on the links above.

Press the button that says  "Open with".

The programs able to open these documents would usually be:
Microsoft "Word" or "Writer".

Writer is a free (open source) suite of programs similar to MS Office.

Open Office Suite is free to download and is upgraded each 3 to 6 months automatically.

I have been using the OpenOffice Suite of programs for about 4 years now all the time without a hitch.

Once you have the documents open and readable on the screen, Press The control key and the "P" on the keyboard together. When you are satisfied that you are ready to print press the "Enter button".


This should print the forms for you. If it looks unreadable please ask your friends who use computers to help you.


Please read the  forms carefully and fill in all of the details that you can remember.


I will go over your answers on the forms and ask you questions that relate to your "case".


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